Shop Info

Print quality

Prints are done by me with a professional grade printer. They are printed on acid free paper with non fading ink.

Delivery Time

I try to have each order shipped the day of or the day after order, but after that I have no control over delivery time. Most customers in the United States and Canada recieve their order within 1-2 weeks, and most customers overseas should expect to receive them within 2-4 weeks. If you do not recieve your print or it is damaged in the mail. Please email me and I'd be happy to send you a replacement.

Caring for prints

Prints are printed on acid free paper with non fading ink therefore they should not fade with exposure to sunlight. You should always keep prints covered with either glass from a picture frame or keep them in their package to prevent any damage or discolouration. Always wash your hands before handling prints to prevent any oil stains or marks.

Caring for originals

Original drawings are very delicate. Do not touch the surface of an original drawing as you may smudge the pencils or pastels. To ensure the safety or your original piece, be sure to frame it in order to protect it from bending. There is only one original of each drawing.

Redbubble orders

If you have any problems with your order from redbubble please contact them. I am not responsible for any lost or damged items from redbubble.

Print numbering system

I number all my prints and once they are sold out, they are gone forever. Most prints are numbered from 1-100 but to be sure, read the information section on the print. Be sure to keep an eye out for prints in the store that are almost gone so you can get one before they are done.



Since my scanner does not pick up colours correctly, my images in the shop are files directly from the printers. All prints are numbered, signed and dated like the photo above even if it does not appear in the shop photo. / Art by Madison PJ Young